Rustic Farm Event Venue

Depending on the size of your wedding, any number of family members might be here to help! Aren't we blessed!

Daniel and Jessica, the first couple married at Wishing Well Barn! Daniel is our Blueberry Farm manager and Jessica is one of our Bartenders and a member of the Barn Crew. Baby Easton, due in December, will become our first grandson!

Sassy Welch - Welcome and Greeting

Blake and Michelle, Wishing Well Barn Owners

Blake manages the cattle ranch and Michelle is the Wedding Designer and Coordinator. Together, we have five sons. Our family starts with our oldest son Kyle, his wife, Railynne and our grandaughter, Calleigh Jo. Cory and his wife Jessica are next, followed by Tommy, Daniel and his girl, Jessica. And last, but not least, is our son Dillon. Sassy is our furriest of family members :) We started our wedding venture when three of our boys were married within one calendar year! Their friends and friends of friends started asking if they could get married here on the farm and so, we added agricultural events to our cattle farm!

Grandma Polly Welch - Barn Gardener

Calleigh Jo Welch - Grand daughter and future wedding planner

The Barn Crew: Blake, Michelle & Dillon, Grammy, Addy, Jose and Yarandi, Officiant Railynne, Suzie and Melissa, Kristy, Freida, and Jessica.

Shirley and Yella Fella

Marsha (Grammy)

Barn Crew Member

Freida and James

Barn Crew Member and old tractor specialist

Dillon: Barn Crew Member, Landscape & Bonfire Specialist


Barn Crew, Bar Tender, Barn Photographer

The Wishing Well

Event Team

The Welch Family

Wishing Well Barn History

Mr. Robert Welch bought this farm in 1960 and moved his family of five children here with his wife, Polly. Mr. Welch farmed cattle on this land over the years alongside strawberries, oranges and many other fruits and vegetables. There was always a special place in his heart for cattle. Blake & Michelle Welch continue this family tradition with five of our own sons and a love for cattle ranching.

Also on this ranch: Rick & Shirley (Welch) Roberts raise horses for barrel racing.

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